Sustainability and the Environment

Our Mission:  A key element in our vision at ShengYuan, is that we believe in sustainable development when we produce and engage with JV Manufacturers. We have strict guidelines in the selection of products and plant locations that can have the best benefit for the environment, economic, and social development of those locations.

An example of this is that we located our KaiLi facilities in a region in the very south west of China, an area where the economy is one of the weakest.

In collaboration with a diverse local work force, regional plant support, the local and provincial governments, and along with the Chinese government, we built  facilities that supported the region in a sustainable manner. Under intense supervision, we followed strict guidelines when developing our plants.   We also work with farmers and the government to develop areas where we will get the best benefit out of the land and resources available to support our sustainable vision.

We also support a wide variety of products that support our vision of sustainability.

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